Lord of the Beasts-Chapter Three

once in a while a good fantasy relaxes the beast in youse.

Welcome Travelers...

Long, long ago our ancestors sang of one who was the Source of all life. They called him the Lord of the Beasts. Book available here

Lord of the Beasts Lord of the Beasts

They rode in darkness until the moon rose, and then Colban could see shiny ribbons of rivers and dots of lakes far below. They were traveling far, far beyond where his legs could ever carry him. “How big is the world?” Colban wondered. The Lord, hearing his thoughts, answered. “It is very big and has no end like an apricot has no end. You can keep going round and round it.” “But don’t you fall off when you get to the bottom side?” Colban asked, worried. The Lord laughed, “No, no, you don’t.” “But why not?” Colban asked.

I can’t tell you,” said the Lord. “Is it a secret?” asked Colban. “No, it’s not a secret. I can’t tell…

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4 Responses to Lord of the Beasts-Chapter Three

  1. cartiermccloud says:

    What a cute little story. Did you get the book?

    • sotomayor111 says:

      his name was Herman Rosenblatt.He confessed to the fraudulent story on dec 27, 2008.He sold the book rights to “Solomon” for 25 million clams .His wife’s name is RomaHe was born in Poland.Wiki sugar coated the lies.they said the fake war story . would cast doubt on the holocaust….nobody will schmear Israel’s cash cow, “the holocaust”

      • cartiermccloud says:

        Thanks. He also had a tax lien on him for back payroll taxes. Well, the old fuck’s dead now.

  2. meanoldlion says:

    I will keep his legacy alive….the lying hebe

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