Torah Tidbits and Amalek’s spiritual heirs

read the Talmud …. youse goys you

The Ugly Truth


OCDG: This is a “clarification” of another article… even when trying to whitewash and backpedal, they make an even bigger mess and reveal for all their true intentions:

Eisav’s hatred and Amalek’s are not purely genealogical. The actual nation of Amalek does not exist today. I was not making a claim that today’s Arabs are Amalek. I said that their hatred of Israel and the Jews is Amalek-like in character. I was not suggesting that we attack Arabs, as they attack us. I was urging caution and diligence to the situation we are in.

Read and re-read the quote above until it starts to sink in and makes sense. This is their “clever” way of trying to deny the obvious. The only logical conclusion is that they think all Arabs are amalek… even if they use weasel-words to obfuscate the issue. For if in their view, Arabs/Muslims are behaving in…

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