Anger simmers as EU Parliament shoots down anti-­Semitism task-force

The Ugly Truth

some animals are more equal than others

While a taskforce dealing with racism and diversity in a general sense was established, Jewish leaders this week indicated that they believed such it would prove insufficient in dealing with Europe’s rise in anti-­Semitism.

OCDG: The very concept of “anti-semitism” is supremacist. The jews aren’t at all happy with being “lumped” in with all the Goyim in regards to “racism” and discrimination, oh no, they want to be above and beyond that with their own special brand of hatred.

While racism must be combated, it does not mean, however, that “creating a special framework for combating anti­-Semitism is not necessary. Anti­-Semitism is an abomination which has been around for a very long time. It has its specific roots and specific driving forces, not mention the horrible results it produced in Europe – more so than anywhere else,” said Stephan Kramer of the American Jewish Committee’s European Office on Anti­-Semitism.


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