are the Saudis donmeh?

The Ugly Truth


Ed-note (Sabba) – American Catholic Church pays $150M over pedophilia… It is always the Catholic Church that makes the headlines doesn’t it? We do not hear about the Lutherans, the Calvinists, the Baptists, the Anglicans and of course, we do not hear about the masters of them all… the chosenites.

Christianity (and Islam for that matter) abhors the idea of sex with children. Sex is only permitted within the confines of marriage and one of its main purposes is to have children.

On the other hand, we know that judaism not only condones but even promotes sex with young children.

And judaism being an equal opportunity cult, it does not discriminate between little girls and little boys: both are kosher.

Judaism even allows a man to sleep with his daughter-in-law if her husband is too young to be able to perform his marital duties. Daddy can step in, indeed, must step in and replace his…

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