The Ugly Truth


Ed-note (Sabba) – We hear of ISIS destroying this church or that church; we hear ad-nauseam that Islam is the greatest threat to Christianity, to Christian heritage, Christian identity.  But we do not hear of ‘Christian’ European states destroying churches and monasteries, erasing from the landscape anything that reminds us of Christ, do we?

For argument sake only, let’s assume for half a second that Islam is indeed a threat to Christianity: the Muslims would still look like poor, vulgar and childish amateurs compared to what the western modern secular states have been doing to ‘their own’ culture for over 200 years now. Churches are being demolished, turned into fast food restaurants, hotels, mansions, pubs or brothels… That’s right: brothels. And no one even blinks an eye.

Rather than sit and cry over the destruction of the Christian Heritage, it is now time for European Christians to stand up and go…

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