Israeli Embassy slams ‘outrageous’ Dutch textbook

The Ugly Truth

kosher censorship

Text terms Begin ‘a terrorist,’ says ‘Jewish militias carried out murders in Arab villages’

ed note–besides the fact that Judaism compels its followers to lie compulsively which of course results in the kinds of theatrics being witnessed here, there is another angle to be considered.

Remember, the god of the Jews, ‘yahweh’, ordered his ‘chosen’ people to go into the lands between the Nile and Euphrates rivers and to slaughter everything within eyesight, leaving ‘nothing alive that breathes’. Therefore, no one participating in such business can be considered a ‘terrorist’ and the act of slaughtering everything that breathes cannot be considered ‘murder’ per se. Remember, Arab villages and towns, including those where horrific mass murders took place such as Deir Yassin, did not technically ‘exist’, since they were non-Jewish, which is why organized Jewish interests can say with a straight face that there were no ‘terrorists’ on Israel’s side of the…

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