Imagine If Muslims Surrounded A Christian Church In The US With Assault Rifles During Prayer Time

The Ugly Truth


ed note–as much as some of us would like to take comfort in the (mistaken) notion that this group of hooligans represents a certain ‘neighborhood’ within American society that has little to do with the ‘movement’ in which many of us hold membership, think again. As many have warned over the years, the anti-Islamic element represented by the likes of Pamela Geller and her trained monkeys featured in this article are more and more making their presence felt within the anti-Zionist movement today. In recent years, ‘intellectuals’ such as Carolyn Yaeger, Andrew Anglin & other self-styled ‘white nationalists’ who have jumped whole-hog onto the anti-Islamic bandwagon in the interests of scoring some type of white-skinned solidarity by attacking ‘darkies’ even though aren’t photographed strutting around with guns, uniforms and bandanas, nevertheless enlist themselves as willing carriers of the Jews’ dirty water in participating in/contributing towards the anti-Islamic hysteria that is fueling the biz we see…

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