‘Everyone is free to choose their own Judaism’

The Ugly Truth


Is Judaism an inseparable part of Israeli culture, and does everyone have the right to decide what their own Jewishness would look like?

ed note–our apologies to the reader for the meandering, seemingly ceaseless verbiage that typically goes hand in hand with Jewish writings, but the piece is actually very important for what it implies.

As the writer points out, there are different kinds of Judaism–religious and cultural. As we have discussed on this website and accompanying radio program many times, one of the mistakes we as Gentiles make is in categorizing Judaism as merely a religion and nothing more. Judaism is much more than just that. It is a mindset, sometimes religious, sometimes not, but which–despite a few internecine variations from time to time, nevertheless inevitably works towards the same end, which is empowerment of this small group of people and the imposition of their ‘values’ upon everyone else, despite the…

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