how come Lolathecur’s articles rarely come up?…I always get that long small print story that starts with “vulgate”….about the joos and cathlicks and all that crud


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pilot, ham operator, inventor,contrarian, and overall pain in the butt
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  1. lolathecur says:

    If you really want to make a difference, I will show you the ultimate weapon. Everything else is just a side dish served in a diner in a itty bitty receptacle called a MONKEY DISH. As in “monkey on a string”.

  2. lolathecur says:

    Also, whether you hold any faith or not has nothing to do with this in reality. I prefer to discuss this with an atheist. However, I find that a muslim has always been more receptive to this truth as opposed to any christian (any denomination includind todays catholics) or judaics because of their mind control(pre programming) on the subject. It is a matter of pride(a deadly sin) . They do not want to know they have been deceived on this subject. The adversary and his minions have a very strong grasp on them. They say that once you delve into the occult that it is very difficult to get out. It is no lie.

  3. cartiermccloud says:

    I had some personal correspondence with this one, when on his public blog, he betrayed a personal confidence from the emails and wouldn’t delete it. Don’t waste your time on this idiot.

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