Extra! Extra! GOP In US Congress Finally Found Courage To Act Against Rep. Steve King

via Extra! Extra! GOP In US Congress Finally Found Courage To Act Against Rep. Steve King

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There Are Virtually No Records Of One-To-One Talks Between Presidents Trump And Putin

Gronda Morin

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Now that “We the People” have learned that the FBI started a June-July 2017 counter-intelligence case which included gathering intel about the republican President Donald Trump’s ties to Russia, to where he could be acting primarily to further its interests over US national security interests, it becomes crucially important to know what the Presidents Trump and Putin discussed during their several one-to -one talks. But it turns out that during these one-to-one talks, President Trump took extraordinary steps to keep anything discussed between him and the Russian leader, President Vladimir Putin, concealed.

I have always wondered if the FBI had ever debriefed the former Secretary Of State Rex Tillerson about what he had heard while he was the only US witness to what was discussed between these two leaders at their first hour long talk at the July 2017 G20 conference held in Hamburg Germany.

This is an important aside…

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Poland arrests Chinese Huawei exec, Pole on spying charges

Peace and Freedom

Poland’s Internal Security Agency has arrested a Chinese businessman and a Pole on suspicion of espionage, officials said on Friday.

The operation that resulted in the arrest of the two suspects had been underway for a long time and was planned with care, said Maciej Wasik, deputy head of Poland’s special services.

Wasik said that the Chinese suspect was a businessman working for a major electronics corporation and that the Pole was “known in circles associated with cyber-business affairs.”

The Huawei logo

He said “both carried out espionage activities against Poland,” but did not identify them.

A spokesman for the agency, Stanislaw Zaryn, said the two were arrested on Tuesday.

Polish state TV, which is close to the government, identified the Chinese man as Weijing W., saying he was a director in Poland at Huawei, the Chinese conglomerate that produces telecommunications equipment and consumer electronics.

State TV identified the Pole as Piotr D…

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Big Lies Drown Out Hard Truths

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Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

By Stephen Lendman

When the US launches naked aggression in other countries, truth-telling in Washington, the West, Israel, and journalism the way it’s supposed to be are the first casualties.

Managed news misinformation and disinformation, Big Lies, and fake news take precedence, hard truths suppressed – the way it always is in the run-up to wars and while they’re ongoing, ordinary people manipulated to believe what’s polar opposite reality.

US aggression is all about achieving control over other nations – in Syria and everywhere else. There’s nothing civil about what’s been going on for nearly eight years in the Syrian Arab Republic, US naked aggression planned long before launched. 

So-called “moderate rebels” don’t exist. All opposition forces are jihadist extremists, cutthroat killers, hired gun mercenaries – armed, funded, trained, and directed by CIA operatives, US special forces, and their imperial counterparts to commit atrocities, including use of chemical…

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Joy to the World–UN General Assembly Defies Trump and Nikki Haley

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Twist And Shout

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Oklahoma Doctor Warns of Vaccine Dangers, Calls Out Pediatricians

Source: Oklahoma Doctor Warns of Vaccine Dangers, Calls Out Pediatricians

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